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The 3rd Workshop on

Cognitive neuroscience of auditory and cross-modal perception

29 – 31 May 2017, Košice (pronounced KOH-shih-tse), Slovakia

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– Thanks to everybody for a fantastic workshop! We hope to see you all in 2 years.
– If you have any comments or suggestions about the workshop, please let us know.
– Here are some pics from day 3 from Erick and Noro.
– If you want to share your pictures with us, you can paste your link into this spreadsheet link.


  • This workshop will include advanced research talks (and introductory lectures) on a range of topics related to the neural processes of auditory, visual and cross-modal perception.
  • The main focus of this year’s workshop will be on adaptation, learning and training in hearing, vision and other perceptual and cognitive brain functions.
  • The talks will illustrate the multidisciplinary character of cognitive neuroscience research, covering behavioral, neuroimaging, and modeling approaches, as well as applications of the research in auditory prosthetic devices.
  • The workshop is aimed at early-stage and advanced students and young researchers, and it will provide ample opportunities for direct interactions between the lecturers and the attendees.

The workshop will follow-up on previous two workshops organized in 2014 and 2015. (An electronic version of the proceedings with lectures and assignments from the previous two workshops is available here.)


1/2-day sessions, including invited talks, contributed talks, and posters, focusing on the topics of Adaptation, Learning and training, Auditory and cross-modal perception (general), and Vision and other topics in computational and cognitive neuroscience. (Also, non-scientific program – outings to tourist destinations near Kosice – will be organized on the day before and day after the workshop.)

Invited talks and lectures:

Contributed talks and posters (click here to view)


29 May 2017
Invited Talks. Session Chair: Bernhard Laback Contributed Talks
8:30-9:15 9:20-10:05 10:10-10:55 11:00-11:45
E. Gallun: Applying the state of the art in research and technology to train auditory processing with engaging computer games. I. Choi: Neurofeedback training of complex listening. Ľ. Beňušková: Current concepts in modelling the long-term synaptic plasticity in the mammalian brain. R. Baumgartner: Auditory looming bias in behavioral and neural responses demonstrates effect of spectral cue salience on sound externalization.
M. Ferber: Can listeners reweight binaural cues in accordance with the visual feedback they receive?
Invited Talks. Session Chair: Erick Gallun
13:30-14:15 14:20-15:05 15:10-15:55 16:00-16:45
B. Laback: Psychophysical and modeling approaches towards determining the cochlear phase based on interaural time differences. L. Reiss: (Mal?) Adaptation of pitch and binaural integration to abnormal auditory experience. A. Wagner: From hearing to understanding: automatic and effortful processes in speech perception. V. Best: Do listeners refine their spatial tuning over time in multitalker mixtures?
16:45-18:00 18:00
Poster “previewing”. Reception.
30 May 2017
Invited Talks. Session Chair: Norbert Kopčo
8:30-9:15 9:20-10:05 10:10-10:55 11:00-11:45
L. Calandruccio: Informational masking for speech-on-speech recognition. M. Dent: The perception of auditory scenes by birds. P. Majdak: The role of listener-specific factors in binaural sound reproduction. M. Lavandier: A potential effect of vision on sound externalization and auditory distance perception?
Invited Talks. Session Chair: Beata Tomoriova Poster Session
13:30-14:15 14:20-15:05 15:10-15:55 15:55-18:00
P. Hyvärinen: Online ILD training for tinnitus. C. Trenado: Sensorimotor improvement by stochastic resonance. G. Háden: Beat perception and temporal processing in infants. J. Simon, U. Gábor, S. Srinivasan, E. Vlahou, Ľ. Hládek, B. Tomoriová,
R. Šebeňa, P. Tóth, P. Lokša, V. Vencovský, J. Bouše
For poster titles and abstracts click here
31 May 2017
Invited Talks. Session Chair: Piotr Majdak
8:30-9:15 9:20-10:05 10:10-10:55 11:00-11:45
P. Marsalek: Perception across sound and space modalities at the level of neural responses. Z. Bureš: Learning to hear – the effect of acoustic environment during ontogeny on audition and sound perception. D. Horváth: Neural responses evoked by auditory stimulation during the sleep-wakefulness cycle in the cat. N. Kopčo: Adaptive Processes in Distance Perception.

Instructions for the presenters:

  • Invited talks Each talk will have 45 mins assigned to it (35 mins talk; 10 min discussion), followed by a 5 min break.
  • Contributed talks will be on Monday 29 at 11am. Each presenter will have 20 minutes (17 min for the talk and 3 mins for discussion).
  • Posters should go up during the lunch on Monday 29. They will be placed in the lecture room. There will be a preview session (non-compulsory) on Monday 29 after the talks, and a dedicated poster session on Tuesday 30 at 16:00. Poster boards (114 cm x 142 cm; width x height) with pins will be provided. Poster presenters are encouraged to leave the posters hanging for the rest of the workshop, for possible showing during breaks on Wednesday. We encourage to be at your posters as much as you can during the breaks to increase the opportunities to discuss them.

Social events and outings:

Sun 28 May: Tatras easy mountain hike (afternoon).
Mon 29 May: Reception (18:00).
Tue 30 May: Guided tour of Kosice (17:00).
Wed 31 May: Slovak Paradise hike (https://www.tripadvisor.com/Attraction_Review-g274922-d547433-Reviews-The_Sucha_Bela_Canyon-Slovakia.html) + Spissky hrad castle late afternoon + Levoca town at dinner.
Thu 1 Jun: Domica cave in morning / Slovak Karst hike in Zadiel in afternoon / brewery and/or Betliar manor house for lunch (you can end this trip at lunch, the bus will bring people back to Kosice/airport at 1pm).
(The proposed itineraries for Wed and Thu are flexible. We can choose whether to do a bigger or shorter hike, or whether to skip any particular place. Sign up on doodle and leave us a comment if you have any concerns/questions, or contact Bea Tomoriova at kogneuro@gmail.com.)


Lecture hall 2.17T, Faculty of Science / Technicom building, P. J. Šafárik University, Jesenná 5, 04001 Košice Slovakia.


Norbert Kopco, P. J. Safarik University in Košice
Erick Gallun, National Center for Rehabilitative Auditory Research, Portland and OHSU
Piotr Majdak, Austrian Academy of Science, Vienna
Aaron Seitz, University of California, Riverside

Organizing team and contact:

Bea Tomoriova, Eleni Vlahou, Rene Sebena, Perception and Cognition Lab, kogneuro@gmail.com.

Travel, accommodation, visitor information:

Getting there: You can walk to the workshop venue (and Maraton hotel) from the railway & bus stations. (or you can take the #17 bus or #2 tram to Radnica Stareho Mesta station).
Getting around: The best way of getting around is by a taxi cab. You can install the HOPIN or Taxify app on your phone (a taxi hailing app, similar to Uber) and you can request a cab from any place to any place in Košice, you see the cost prior to ordering, and you can even request a cab driver that speaks English. You can also hail regular cabs on the street, the cost within city should never be more than 3EUR. Or you can call the cab companies. Easy Taxi has a fixed rate of 3EUR anywhere within Košice. American Taxi offers fixed rate of 8EUR to/from the airport.

Travel: The Kosice Airport is served by Austrian Airlines, Czech Airlines, Turkish Airlines and LOT Polish Airlines (via Vienna, Prague, Warsow, Kiev, Istanbul and Bratislava), by low-cost airlines Wizzair (London Luton, Bristol, Doncaster Shefield) and Ryanair (serves Kosice from London Southend, it’ll start from 3/31). Alternatively you can fly to Budapest Airport and take a 3.5-hr shuttle bus to Kosice (for example, using the cassoviaexpres or Airtrans.sk). Leo Expres (or Airtrans.sk) offers best shuttle bus connections from Poland (from Krakow or Krakow airport), taking 4 to 5 hrs. Also FlixBus serves many cities directly or with connection from Kosice. More information about how to get to Kosice (also by train or bus) can be found here.

Accommodation: There are several hotels close to the workshop venue, for example Hotel Ambassador, Yasmin, Maraton or Zlatý Dukát (for more hotel options please see http://www.booking.com, http://www.hotels.com, for hostels see: http://www.hostels.com, http://www.hostelworld.com ; previous participants liked Hostel Kosice (above Madrid club), you should get the price of 13EUR/night if you mention that you’re there for our workshop). There is also an option to stay at the university dorm which costs 15 euros/night. Contact organisers for reservation.

Visitor information and current events: Košice was one of the European Capitals of Culture in 2013. For the list of new cultural venues and current events there, see http://k13.sk/ (in Slovak). For all events and trip ideas see http://www.visitkosice.eu/ , http://gokosice.sk/, http://www.mickosice.sk/, http://slovakia.travel/ , or http://www.slovakia.com/

Recommended restaurants: Nearby: Sport, Mango, Maraton, Heppi, Santa Lucia, Tip Top, Krcma Letna, Tabacka, Dobre Bistro, Mala Praha, Dva a dve, Gesto. Slovak and international cuisine: Villa Regia, Uhorský dvor (also Hungarian), Jaskyňa (also Middle-Eastern/falafel), Iris (in Zlaty Dukat hotel), Republika východu (The East-Slovak Republic, modern with a traditional twist), Le Colonial, Olive Tree (in Hilton hotel), fast-food and regular restaurants in Aupark shopping center, 12 apoštolov, Camelot, Med Malina, Golden Royal, Atrium (in Teledom hotel), Czech: Budejovická hospoda, Česká hospoda, Polish: Karczma mlyn (Italian): Mediterran, La Ventana, Napoli, Piano, Jazz Garden, Zlatý zvon, Retro Cult Club, French: A la maison, Middle-Eastern: Kleopatra-Agadir, Burekas, Vegetarian/vegan: Halmi (gluten-free vegan), Ajvega, Madrid (has vegan options, limited menu, dinner only), Indian: Góvinda, Little India, Taj Mahal, Steak house: Rosto, Ukrainian: Barvinok, Sushi/Thai/Asian: Bamboo, Maiko sushi, Greek: Korfu, Vietnamese: Asia fast food, Turkish: Osman city (fast food), Breakfast: Rozpravka. Beer: Golem micro brewery, Hostinec, Luxor, Dobre casy, Red Nose, Madrid. Wine: Dva a dve, Villa Cassa, Vinoteka Loefler, Barrique – Pivotéka & Vinotéka.


The workshop is open to all interested students/scientists. Registration is free of charge but required. To register, please send an email to kogneuro@gmail.com stating your name and affiliation and the dates on which you are planning to attend. All accepted abstracts will be published on the workshop website and in the abstract book. No proceedings will be published. In case you would like to have a presentation please send us an abstract (up to 200 words; also indicate whether you prefer poster or oral presentation) no later than May 8 2017 (extended from May 1).

This workshop is supported by the EU H2020-MSCA-RISE-2015 project #691229.