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Devices for presentation of auditory stimuli: RME Fireface 400 – audio processor; Echo Gina 24 and Echo Darla audiocards; Crown D-45 amplifiers; speakers: Bose Acoustimass 3; Headphones: Sennheisser 540, Etymotic Research ER-1, ER-4B; synchoronous stimuli presentation Vpixx DATAPixx.

Devices for auditory stimuli recording: microphones: PCB 130D20, Audio-Technica ATR20; DPA 4060-BM – miniature omnidirectional microphones; NI USB-6221 – digital spectral analyser.

Systems for visual stimuli presentations: Mitsubisthi PK10 – mini-projector; dedicated USB-controlled LED field.

Human tracking and response collecting system: Polhemus Fastak 3D – electromagnetical 6-dimmensional motion tracker; human motion tracking videosystem based on Logitech QuickCam Ultra Vision Silver 961471-0403 camera; Vpixx RESPONSEPixx HndHeld – 5 button response collecting device.

5 PC-s and 8 laptops with SW and with HW interface for preparation and performing behavioral experiments, for control of AV devices and tracking systems and for data collection and analysis.

For detailed description see: List of equipment

HOWTOs (located on OneDrive of kogneuro):

  • Documents describing how to access BU library to download papers and how to access the CNS-WS29.BU.EDU linux using VNCs.
  • Matlab installation instructions (student and research licenses).

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