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Noro Local Pubs, Norbert Kopčo, Rudolf Andoga, Beata Tomoriova, Luboš Hládek

Review of literature relevant on specific topics:

Contextual plasticity, Statistics , Journal Special Issues and Online Books

Books in the Lab Library (at Jesenná 5, rm. 32) or e-books (in the library/books directory on FTP)
(this list is incomplete, many more e-books and books are in the lab; also see the COGNET books below)

Bold indicates books recommended as a first one to start. It is possible to borrow these books, write your name next to the book if you do.

  • General intro hearing texts:
    • Introduction to psychology of hearing – (Brian C. J. Moore) borrowed by Lubos Hladek
    • Fundamentals of Hearing (Yost),
    • Auditory Perception (Warren)- Dichazyova
  • Spatial Hearing:
    • Spatial Hearing (Blauert),
    • Binaural and Spatial Hearing in Real and Virtual Environments (Gilkey and Anderson)
  • Signal processing / physics of sound:
    • Signals, sound and sensation (Hartmann) – this one has intro chapters that summarize the basics of physics/signal processing we need to know – borrowed by Bea Tomoriova (v-147)
    • Discrete-Time Signal Processing (Oppenheim Schafer)
  • Modeling:
    • NEW: Computational models of auditory system, Meddis R., 2010
    • Auditory Computation (Hawkins, McMuller, Popper, Fay) – borrowed by Bea Tomoriova
  • Attention:
    • The Attentive Brain (Parasuraman) – borrowed by Volkai
    • Psychology of Attention (Pashler)
  • Other topics in hearing:
    • Auditory Scene Analysis (Bregman) – borrowed by Bea Tomoriova
    • The Mamalian Auditory Pathway – Neurophysiology (Popper and Fay)
    • An Introduction to the physiology of hearing (Pickles)
  • General cognitive science / neuroscience / psychology / physiology books:
    • Cognitive Neuroscience (Gazzaniga)
    • The Principles of Neural Science (Kendall, Schwartz, Jessel)
    • Human Information Processing (Lindsay, Norman) – borrowed by Bea Tomoriova
    • The MIT Encyclopedia Of The Cognitive Sciences
    • Theoretical Neuroscience (Dayan Abbott)
    • Cognitive Science – An Introduction (Stillings et al)
  • Statistics and math (also see Stats resources):
    • Design and Analysis; A Researcher’s Handbook (Keppel) – borrowed by Bea Tomoriova
    • Statistical Principles in Experimental Design (Winer)
    • Detection theory A users guide (MacMillan)
    • Advanced Engineering Mathematics (Kreyszig)
    • Information Theory, Inference, and Learning Algorithms (MacKay)
    • Engineering Statistics Handbook free online
    • Statistical Principles in Experimental Design (Winer) hardcopy available in lab (also electronic )
    • Design and Analysis; A Researcher’s Handbook (Keppel) hardcopy available in lab
    • Videokurz statistiky z University of Alabama
    • Index of Handouts for Psychology 610: Statistical Analysis of Psychological Experiments
    • UCLA Statistical Computing Seminars Repeated Measures Analysis using SAS
    • Data Analysis for Research Design (ANOVA) book by Keppel & Zedeck
    • Statistical Methods for Psychology (Howell)
  • Imaging
    • Human_brain_function_2ed (Ashburner)
Other sources

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