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UNV Úvod do neurovied / Introduction to neuroscience (Bc.)
MTL Matlab a neurokognícia / Matlab and neurocognition (Bc.) (this year merged with UNV)
VKN Výpočtová a kognitívna neuroveda / Coputational and cognitive neuroscience (MSc.) (this year merged with UNV)
Neurokognícia / Neurocognition (PhD.)
Bakalárske projekty 2015
Všetky predmety ponúkané v slovenčine a angličtine / All classes offered in Slovak and English.


Úvod do kognitívnych vied / Introduction to cognitive sciences
CN520 Principles & Methods of Cognitive and Neural Modeling II (Boston University)
KUI337 Intro to Cognitive Sciences (in Slovak, at TU Kosice)
Artificial Intelligence (in Slovak, at TU Kosice)

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