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Open Positions

PhD position in Slovakia and US (2018)

A PhD position (or a part-time postdoc) is available in Norbert Kopco’s Perception and Cognition Lab in the Institute of Computer Science at Safarik University in Kosice, Slovakia, for a Marie Curie EU-funded project on adaptation and learning in spatial hearing (https://pcl.upjs.sk/grants/alt/). This is an international collaborative project, combining psychophysical, neuroimaging and computational methods. As part of this project, the student would have the opportunity to work on development of modules for an auditory training game and spend up to 12 months in the US with one or more of the collaborators on this grant (Aaron Seitz’s Brain Game Center at UC Riverside, Erick Gallun’s lab at the Portland VA / OHSU, Virginia Best or Barbara Shinn-Cunningham at the Boston University Hearing Research Center, or Jyrki Ahveninen at the Martinos Center for Biomedical Imaging in Boston). Interested candidates please contact norbert.kopco@upjs.sk with a CV and a research statement. Information about PhD student application procedures is available at http://www.upjs.sk/en/faculty-of-science/foreign-students/ (deadline is 31 May, 2018).

PhD projects, Diploma Works, Bachelor Projects (2015)

PhD position in Norbert Kopco’s Perception and Cognition Lab at Safarik University, Slovakia and USIf you are interested in a project, first contact the project advisor to make sure the project is still available. Note that students in the lab are expected to participate in the experiments performed by other students. (V prípade záujmu o niektorú tému kontaktujte najprv konzultanta a overte si, či je téma ešte voľná. Pre študentov, ktorí si zvolia témy týkajúce sa ľudského vnímania alebo poznávania, môže byť jednou z podmienok udelenia zápočtu aj účasť na behaviorálnom (najskôr sluchovom) experimente. Témy sú navrhnuté tak, aby v nich študenti mohli pokračovať v rámci diplomovej práce.)

PhD projects ( info for prospective PhD students; info on Faculty web in Slovak and English)

4-year stipend available for students from EU member/associated countries. Application deadline June of each year. Sample topics:Cross-modal interactions and spatial auditory processingPlasticity and attention in spatial hearing

Diploma works

Diploma projects 2018

Based on Witten (2006) paper: Could the shift be explained by some integration window which is chopped at onset? Or, weighting window that weights value at time when stim entered the RF more than value at time when it exited.Could be a Bc thesis.Auditory stroop – details in description of old projectsPoužitie informačnej teórie pre analýzu lokalizačných odpovedí poslucháčov

Bachelor’s projects

Bachelor’s projects 2015

Auditory modeling toolboxes – Galdun

Setting up and validating auditory localization experimental setup
Analyza experimentalnych dat o rýchlosti presuvania priestorovej sluchovej pozornosti pri počúvaní jedného z viacerých hovoriacich (nadvazuje na DP Jakaba)

Analýza experimentálnych dát o vnímaní vzdialenosti vo virtuálnom sluchovom prostredí – OPEN
Kopčo N, M Schoolmaster, and BG Shinn-Cunningham (2004) Learning to Judge Distance of Nearby Sounds in Reverberant and Anechoic Environments. (Invited presentation) In: Proc. Joint congress CFA/DAGA ’04 22.-25.03.2004 in Strasbourg, France.
Schoolmaster, M, N Kopčo, and BG Shinn-Cunningham (2004). “Auditory distance perception in fixed and varying simulated acoustic environments,” J. Acoust. Soc. Am., (Presented at th 147th meeting of the Acoustical Society of America, New York, NY).
Schoolmaster, M, N Kopčo, and BG Shinn-Cunningham (2003). “Effects of reverberation and experience on distance perception in simulated environments,” J. Acoust. Soc. Am., (Presented at the 145th meeting of the Acoustical Society of America, Nashville, TN).

Old projects