Our lab is interested in various aspects of human perception and cognition. We investigate how the brain analyzes and interprets complex auditory and visual stimuli that our senses extract from the surrounding environment. In our research, we use behavioral experiments, computational modeling, and neural imaging. The basic science that we perform has many applications in fields such as hearing aids, auditory displays, human-computer interaction, virtual environments, and machine perception.

Recent updates and upcoming events

Mar 2020

Two papers to be presented at Forum Acusticum, Lyon, 2020 are now published on our web. (Papers)

We were awarded a Danube Partnership grant ASH in collaboration with University of Lyon and Austrian Academy of Science (Details).

Jan 2020

Keerthi Doreswamy presented our research on auditory distance perception at AABBA (Aural Assessment By means of Binaural Algorithms) meeting, 2020 held at the Acoustics Research Institute (ARI) , Austrian Academy of Sciences in Vienna. (Slides, Photo 1, Photo 2). 

Dec 2019

A new paper on “Cortical auditory distance representation based on direct-to-reverberant energy ratio” is now published in the NeuroImage.

Nov 2019

Abstract with title “Build-up of Contextual Plasticity in Anechoic and Reverberant Rooms” is submitted for Forum Acusticum, Lyon, 2020. (Abstract)

Abstract with title “Reweighting of Binaural Localization Cues Induced by Discrimination Training” is submitted for Forum Acusticum, Lyon, 2020. (Abstract)

Oct 2019

Our lab members participated in the Binaural Bash 2019, organised by BU Hearing Research Center, Boston. (Group photo)

Sept 2019

We participated in the European Researchers’ Night in Kosice . Check out a couple of pics (1, 2).

Keerthi Doreswamy used props to illustrate how auditory distance perception works at the MGH Science Slam 2019, Boston.

A new preprint on “Cortical auditory distance representation based on direct-to-reverberant energy ratio” is available at biorXiv . (Here is a link to preprints)

Aug 2019

New student Stanislava Linkova joined our lab !! 

A new paper on “Hemisphere-Specific Properties of the Ventriloquism Aftereffect” by N Kopčo, P Lokša, I Lin, J Groh, B Shinn-Cunningham is now published in the Journal of the Acoustical Society of America – Express Letters (a preprint is available here).

Jul 2019

A new section with Preprints has been added to the Publications page. Also, the first biorXiv preprint has been added.

Jun 2019

We successfully organized the 4th Workshop on Cognitive neuroscience of auditory and cross-modal perception

Apr 2019
Ondrej Spišák  will present his new results at the Kognícia a umelý život(Cognition and Artificial Life), May 29-31, 2019 in Bratislava, Slovakia.(paper)
Maike Ferber will present her new results at the Learning and Plasticity Meeting (LaP2019) Finland. (abstractposter)

Feb 2019
Mukul Agarwal (formerly from Boston University) is visiting the lab until April 2019 to work on “Distance perception by the Human Ear: An approach via multivariate analysis of fMRI data”, supported by a grant from SAIA.
Norbert gave a talk at the the 42nd MidWinter meeting of the Association for Research in Otolaryngology in Baltimore (abstractpresentation).

Jan 2019
A new paper on “Nonnative Implicit Phonetic Training in Multiple Reverberant Environments”  by Vlahou, Seitz and Kopčo accepted for publication in Attention, Perception, & Psychophysics.

Sept 2018
A new paper on “A “buildup” of speech intelligibility in listeners with normal hearing and hearing loss” by Best, Swaminathan, Kopčo, Roverud and Shinn-Cunningham accepted for publication in Trends in Hearing.
Students Keerthi Doreswamy (PhD), Ondrej Spisak (Bc) and Zoltan Szoplak (intern) joined the lab.

May 2018
We’re presenting a poster at the 175th meeting of the Acoustical Society of America in Minneapolis.

March 2018
We’re presenting a poster in the 25th meeting of the Cognitive Neuroscience Society in Boston.

Feb 2018
Noro presents our research at the 2018 Cognitive School in the Czech Rep.

Jan 2018
Our lab joins the Aural Assessment by Means of Binaural Algorithms (AABBA) group and Noro and Rene participate in a 2-day workshop in Vienna Jan 30-31.

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