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Open postdoc and researcher positions (2013)

Several positions are available, supported by our grants, as well as by the university postdoctoral program (deadline Sept 10, 2013). Here’s the ad:”Post-doc and researcher positionsPost-doc and researcher (preferably with a Master’s degree) positions are available in Norbert Kopco’s Perception and Cognition Lab at Safarik University in Kosice, Slovakia, for a EU-funded project on spatial hearing in complex multi-source environments. The project combines psychophysical, neuroimaging (EEG/fMRI) and computational modeling methods and candidates are expected to be experienced in at least one of the techniques. Candidates with EEG/fMRI expertise will be preferred as neuroimaging is a new direction in our research. The project has an international component and successful applicants will have the opportunity to spend a period of time with our collaborators in the US and Europe. The positions are available now through June 2015 and salary is 900EUR/month pre-tax (which compares favorably to, e.g., the local beer price of around 1 EUR). The researcher position can be transformed to a PhD studentship. There are no citizenship restrictions for these positions.Kosice, a small city in East Slovakia (3 hrs from Budapest or Krakow), is one of the academic centers of Slovakia, one of this year’s European Capitals of Culture (http://www.slovakia.org/kosice.htm) and it offers a plenty to explore for lovers of outdoors, history, and wine (http://visitkosice.eu/en).To find out more about the lab, go to https://pcl.upjs.sk/ (note that the lab will move to brand new facilities within the next year). Interested candidates please contact norbert.kopco@upjs.sk with your current CV and research statement.”. Contact us if you are interested.

Old student projects

Analýza experimentálnych dát o sluchovom riadení priestorovej sluchovej pozornosti pri počúvaní jedného z viacerých hovoriacich – Lehocký
Analýza experimentov z dipl. práce Beaty Tomoriovej a Daniela Horvatha.

Analýza experimentálnych dát o dolaďovaní priestorovej sluchovej pozornosti pri počúvaní jedného z viacerých hovoriacich – Open