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The 3rd Workshop on

Cognitive neuroscience of auditory and cross-modal perception

29 – 31 May 2017, Košice (pronounced KOH-shih-tse), Slovakia

Contributed talks and posters:

  • Júlia Simon, Hungarian Academy of Sciences & István Winkler: “Short term decline of performance in the spatial Temporal Order Judgment task.” (abstract)
  • Urbán Gábor, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Brigitta Tóth, Dávid Farkas, Orsolya Szalárdy, Annamária Kovács, Gábor Orosz, László Hunyadi, Botond Hajdu, & István Winkler: “Functional brain networks underlying speaker segregation and segregation load in a multitalker
    situation: an EEG and NIRS study.” (abstract)
  • Maike Ferber, Austrian Academy of Sciences: “Can listeners reweight binaural cues in accordance with the visual feedback they receive?” (abstract)
  • Robert Baumgartner, Austrian Academy of Sciences, Darrin K. Reed, Brigitta Tóth, Virginia Best, Piotr Majdak, H. Steven Colburn, & Barbara Shinn-Cunningham: “Auditory looming bias in behavioral and neural responses demonstrates effect of spectral cue salience on sound externalization.” (abstract)
  • Sridhar Srinivasan, Austrian Academy of Sciences: “Interaural time difference and contribution of the MSO in cochlear implants.” (abstract)
  • Eleni Vlahou, P. J. Safarik University in Košice, Norbert Kopčo, Kanako Ueno & Barbara Shinn-Cunningham: “The benefit of exposure to consistent reverberation varies across rooms and phonemes.” (abstract)
  • Ľuboš Hládek, The University of Nottingham, Bernd Porr, & W. Owen Brimijoin: “Effect of eye-controlled beamforming in a dynamic ‘cocktail party’, a pilot study.” (abstract)
  • Beáta Tomoriová, P. J. Safarik University in Košice, Gabriela Andrejková & Norbert Kopčo: “Effect of stimulus distribution on the buildup of contextual plasticity in sound localization.” (abstract)
  • René Šebeňa, P. J. Safarik University in Košice, B. Hrebeňárová, & N. Kopčo: “Auditory spatial discrimination with visual vs. auditory attentional cueing.” (abstract)
  • Peter Tóth, P. J. Safarik University in Košice, N. Kopčo, & P. Marsalek : “Interaural level difference-based model of speech localization in multi-talker environment.” (abstract)
  • Peter Lokša, P. J. Safarik University in Košice: “A Model of the Reference Frame of the Ventriloquism Aftereffect using a priori bias with different weighting for different fixation point.” (abstract)
  • Václav Vencovský, Czech Technical University in Prague: “Detection of amplitude modulation in hydrodynamic cochlea model.” (abstract)
  • Jaroslav Bouše, Czech Technical University in Prague & Jiri Schimmel: “Lateralization of pure tones ITD vs. IPD salience.” (abstract)