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Labs, Societies and Resources

Association for Research in Otolaryngology
Acoustical Society of America
European Acoustics Association
International Multisensory Research Forum
Cognitive Neuroscience Society
Society for Neuroscience
The Hearing Lab
Boston University
Hearing Research Center
Auditory Neuroscience Lab
EarLab modeling web
The Oxford Auditory Neuroscience Group
University of Maryland Neural Systems Laboratory
Kresge Hearing Research Institute
Northwestern University Auditory Neuroscience Lab
Michigan State University Psychoacoustics
UC Berkeley Auditory Perception Lab

Resources in ex-Czechoslovakia and Nearby Coutnries

Czech and Slovak Cognitive Science Web
The Middle European interdisciplinary master programme in Cognitive Science
Department of Cognitive Science at the Central European University
Psychoacoustics at the Austrian Academy of Science
Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience and Psychology of the Hungarian Academy of Science
Department of Auditory Neuroscience of the Czech Academy of Science
University of Oldenburg Special Research Field / Transregio 31: The active auditory system

Online resources:

http://www.hearinglab.org/ – a web about hearing science

Auditory Neuroscience Laboratories:

  1. Boston (Barbara Shinn-Cunningham)
  2. Oxford (Andrew King)
  3. Maryland
  4. Michgan (Middlebrooks)
  5. Illinoi
  6. Boston binaural hearing lab (Colburn, Durlach)
  7. Michigan 2
  8. UC Irvine (Norman Weinberger)

Text Books and Handbooks:

Statistica 2008 – free textbook Statistics ANOVA Handout


Cleave R-project

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